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NephiralSylvan Empty
PostSubject: NephiralSylvan   NephiralSylvan EmptyFri 15 Feb 2013, 1:39 am

Who invited you: Apex
Ingame name: NephiralSylvan
Time you've been playing MBII: Since it's original release
Skill level 1-10: 7
Favorite Class(es): Deka/Force User
Age(optional): 21
Location: Iowa
Xfire/Contacts: (don't really care for xfire much but will make one)
Do you have a mic: yes
Previous clans: AURA, HOD, and a few others a long time ago.
Reason you want to join: Fraggin with apex and destroying silly angels of death :p
Additional info: Checking into that server tonight Smile
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Lord Merciless

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NephiralSylvan Empty
PostSubject: Re: NephiralSylvan   NephiralSylvan EmptyFri 15 Feb 2013, 1:48 am

Hey man glad you decided to pop in. Sit tight and I'll get you an answer real soon.
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